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Automotive Engineering

Engineering Certification

Mobility Engineering employs engineering signatories (as recognised by the RTA, VicRoads, Queensland Transport and the Federal Department of Transport and Regional Services). Engineering certification services are provided for compliance of modified production vehicles, imported vehicles and individually constructed vehicles. The services are provided for all vehicles including passenger cars (Kit Cars), sports cars (CAMS), heavy and commercial vehicles as well as motorcycles..

Automotive / Mechanical Engineering

The company employs qualified engineers who specialize in automotive and general mechanical engineering. The services provided here include research, development and design of vehicles as well as mechanical and structural components.

Expert Analysis

Mobility Engineering specialises in providing independent expert analysis in the field of automotive, general mechanical and structural engineering. We employ a team of qualified experts who have extensive experience in this field.

Located at: 4/45 Salisbury Road, Asquith NSW 2077. Phone: 02 9482 4572

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