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Special Needs Equipment

Seatbelts & Restraints

Vehicle Conversions
Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles 
Getting In & Out of Your Car 
Seating comfort 
Driving in a Wheelchair
Assisted Driver Controls 
Hoists, Lifts and Ramps

Behavioural & Postural Harness
Buckle Covers  
Dual Controls for Learner Drivers  
Information on Disabilities & Injuries   
Driver Assessment
Daily Living Aids

Fitting Baby Car Seat Restraints
Installation of Seatbelts 
• Guide (PDF): Safer Child Restraints
• FAQ: Child Restaint Laws (Mar 1)

Authorised Restraint Fitting Stations
 • Map
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Van Windows
Van Seats  
Van Steps 
Specialised Van Fit-Outs
Executive People Movers
4WD & Dickie Seats 
Heavy Vehicle Conversions
Security Transport Vehicles
Driving Instructor Conversions

Vehicle Engineering

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Imported Vehicles
Engineering Certification
Automotive / Mechanical Engineering
Expert Analysis
Become a Registered Automotive Workshop 
Dual Control Pedals for Driving

Testing Equipment & Facilities
Truck Body Building
Falling Object & Roll Over Protection Systems
Amusement Rides Certification
Posts and In-Vehicle Systems


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Located at: 4/45 Salisbury Road, Asquith NSW 2077.           Phone: 02 9482 4572

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