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Left Foot Accelerator

A left foot accelerator is the ideal self drive solution for those drivers that do not have use or full function of their right leg and want to remain independent.  Mobility Engineering supplies the Left Foot Accelerators in a ‘Quick Release’ or a ‘flip up’ design. The flip up system is a discreet conversion where the original and the left foot accelerator pedals can be folded away safely when not being used. For drivers that can no longer use their right foot, these modifications allow you to keep driving normally just as before. This allows you to regain your independence without making a big change to your lifestyle. 

Left Foot AcceleratorWe also offer different options, to suit the unique needs of each of our customers. We offer an actual modification to the car, where the accelerator is moved to the left-hand side. We also offer an option that does not modify the car and is readily transferable between different vehicles. Continue reading below for more information on our available solutions.

Left Foot Accelerator

Menox Left-foot Accelerator (Quick-release)

The Menox Left foot accelerator is a universal product that can be fitted to any vehicle and exchanged very easily from vehicle to vehicle.  It also has the feature of being quick release via a stringed pin allowing more comfort for those using the original vehicles driving controls.  This product can be installed into your vehicle within a couple of hours while you wait.

Below are photos of the quick-release left foot accelerator:

Portable Left Foor Accelerator     Transferrable left foot accelerator snap on snap off vehicle to vehicle

Kivi Left Foot Accelerator

Another design is the Kivi left foot accelerator. There are 2 styles; the Flip Up version and the Quick release model. Both can be put in most cars with an automatic transmission or automatic clutch.

The Flip Up version has a lever system which allows the transfer of the accelerator pedal from the right to the left of the brake pedal. Other drivers can move the original pedal back to its original position with ease.

The Quick release model has a left accelerator pedal fixed on the car floor with a pedal guard over the original accelerator to prevent any inadvertent use.

Kivi Left Foot Accelerator

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