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Seatbelt Fitting and Installation

With a passion for safety, Mobility Engineering has been fitting and installing seatbelts in vehicles for over 10 years. Seatbelts are one of a vehicle’s most important safety features, with studies showing that wearing a seatbelt greatly reduces the risk of death and injury in the majority of traffic accidents. Not only is wearing a seatbelt important for safety, but is a requirement for all jurisdictions in Australia.

Mobility Engineering has the experience and expertise to offer a range of different seatbelt installation services. For an example, we are able to retrofit seatbelts into pre-ADR vehicles (vehicles that at time of manufacture were not required to have seatbelts by law). We can also fit replacement seatbelts for damaged or fraying belts. Furthermore, we can fit seatbelts into vehicles with modified seating. 

We are able to install both 2-Point (lap seatbelts) and 3-Point seatbelts in accordance to the relevant regulations and design rules. We are also able to fit seatbelts in almost any vehicle, ranging from regular cars to full bus fit outs. With any seatbelt fitment, we also provide engineering certification. Additionally we are able to provide engineering certification for seatbelts on imported vehicles or pre-ADR belts.

There are also government incentives available for installing or retrofitting seatbelts into certain school buses. This allows you to enhance the safety of your children passengers with very little cost, if costing you anything. The federal government’s “Seatbelts for Kids” provides a subsidy of up to $25,000 per bus for fitting seatbelts in certain school buses.

For more information about our seatbelt fitting services, then why not contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff?

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