Mobility Engineering is a team of passionate and dedicated people focused on bringing safe and suitable transport solutions for all walks of life. We specialize in helping those who are not as independent as many of us, with a strong focus on those who are challenged with Mobility, Children and like-minded passionate vehicle owners.

We offer Australia’s largest range of Mobility Adaptation Products for vehicles, with solutions for almost every Mobility challenge, our range of products will ensure that no matter your ability and strength, we can get you driving and enjoying the independence you desire! Some people may call this “Disabled” or a “Disability” but we do not see anything as hindrance to your ability, we see it as a challenge to get you on the road and independent. We ‘never say never’!

We are committed to offering all of our goods and services Australia-wide and having them installed and serviced locally by local people, we manage a national network of installers/agents who can locally fit all the products we offer.

We are wholeheartedly committed to our vision, mission and vision and encourage you to hold us to account on these.

Ali Akbarian - Ceo



Our vision is our Ideal World, it is what we wish to see and what we are striving for every day. It may never happen, but that doesn’t stop us, it excites us because we still have work to do in order to see our vision come to life.

Our Vision is:

The Mobility Industry Strengthening Communities Together.

Everyone brings something to the table, everyone brings something to the community. No matter their education, their wealth, their physical or intellectual abilities, every person in a community is valuable and we believe that if everyone works together and strives to bring out the best in each-other, then our community will be strong, safe, secure and a happy place to live. THIS ideal community is our vision and we will work hard everyday to see it come to life.



Our mission is what we do every day in order to see our vision come to life. Its our way of doing business.

Our mission is:

Creating ConnectionsUnlocking PotentialGrowing People’s worlds.

When you do the above, the community becomes stronger, together and no one is left out.

Creating Connections – we strive to bring everyone together; the M.E. team is famous for that on all levels in our industry. We connect installers with therapists, with clients, with education and knowledge. We connect industry competitors to help bring out the best in industry. We love community, we love to connect with everyone.

Unlocking Potential – We always look for the potential in every person, in every situation, in every company, in every conversion. We believe there is always potential to do something great, create more independence, create a better community and create a better life. By connecting with each-other and being strong in our conviction, we will help unlock potential.

Growing people’s worlds – This is the most exciting part of what we do, every day we grow people’s worlds, we provide unbiased knowledge and education, we provide advice on best practices, we provide world class products, we provide contacts and connections, we provide experiences, we provide stories. All of these open people’s worlds to new and exciting experiences, we love this and strive for it every day.



Our values are who we are, its how we behave, its how we make decisions and move through life. We all live, breathe and walk these values in our personal and professional lives every day. Our values are linked and in order. We value Community, however in order to have community you must FIRST have Safety and Freedom. Once you know you are safe and free, you can explore being Kind and Good. If everyone is Safe, Free, Kind and Good to each-other, then we have COMMUNITY!


Safe: we are safe people ensuring safe outcomes; your safety is our obsession

Free: we believe freedom is key to flourishing; mobility is the path to independence

Kind: we are generous givers of time and energy; we show courtesy and compassion

Good: we are positive people; we find the good in any circumstance

Fun: we balance productivity and celebration; our passion for life overflows

Community: Everything we do is in pursuit of community; of fairness, friendship and growth




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