Mobility Engineering is a reputable team of passionate and dedicated people focused on bringing safe and suitable transport solutions for all walks of life.  We specialize in helping those who are not as independent as many of us, with a strong focus on those who are challenged with Mobility, Children and likeminded passionate vehicle owners. 

We offer a range of services all focused on getting you and your products safely into vehicles, compliant and registered. 

We specialise in and offer Australia’s largest range of Mobility Adaptation Products for vehicles, with solutions for almost every Mobility challenge, our range of products will ensure that no matter your ability and strength, we can get you driving and enjoying the independence you deserve!  Some people may call this “Disabled” or a “Disability” but we do not see anything as hindrance to your ability, we see it as a challenge to get you on the road and independent. 

We are committed to offering all of our goods and services Australia-wide, our passionate consultants will travel anywhere in the country to provide are operate and strongly support a national network of installers/agents who can locally fit all the products we offer.  

We have some big goals and ideas here and we won't stop working until we achive them!

Overall Mission:

Our mission is to improve the lives of Australians by empowering you to be independently driving the vehicle of YOUR choice and dreams.


Editorial Mission:  
This represents all of our published material


Mobility Engineering strives to help you be independent and mobile.

Everything we publish is designed to empower and inspire you to make your lives more enjoyable by providing transport solutions that are easy to use and understand, look good, keep you safe and allow you to be more mobile and independent.


Our company is a strong and proud Australian Family Business with our executive team being made up of the family members, we extend this family to all our employees and customers, once you deal with us, you are part of the family and one of our people.


Morry Akbarian

Company Founder and Managing Director

MSc. Automotive engines and Vehicle Design Technology

MRPEQ, FIEAust, QMS Lead Auditor, PGD Business and Administration (Technology Management)

Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment




Hamideh Akbarian

Company Founder and Finance

Qualifications in Accounting & Business.  Hamideh (also affectionately known as Hami) was a founder of the company alongside Morry and has been responsible for the backbone of the company since then, the finances.  Hami is also our Company Ambassador, travelling the world to source suppliers of innovative life changing mobility products and travelling across the country showing these products to dealers, industry professionals and users.  Hami enjoys her time with her family & friends especially her two beautiful granddaughters, she loves photography, travelling, music and the outdoors.


Ali Akbarian

General Manager

Ali is a University qualified Mechanical Engineer and has completed a Master’s in Business Administration with a major in Technology Management.  He is focused on the company’s direction and quality of products and services along with coaching and mentoring our team of passionate people.  He also holds the following qualifications and licenses:

-          Cert 4 in Training and Assessment

-          NSW RMS VSCCS Certifier

-          VICRoads VASS Signatory

-          ACT RTA Engineering Signatory

-          RVCS/RAWS IPA/CPA Signatory

-          National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) Heavy Vehicle Signatory/Certifier

-          ISO9001 Principal Auditor via the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA)

Ali is passionate about road safety and doing things the right way with integrity, honesty and most of all transparency.  He works closely with all government department departments across the country to ensure that our company is always exceeding local and regulatory requirements and he loves to support other Small Business in the areas of Vehicle Compliance/Certification, Business Development, Quality Management and business growth.

He loves his Family, Road Trips and Travelling, Music and Home Renovations.


Amin Akbarian

Finance, Mobility Products Manager

Amin is a University qualified financial controller and has completed a Bachelors of Business and Commerce (Major in Applied Finance).  He is focused on the company’s direction and building the Mobility network to be able to service all of our dealers and subsequently Australian people in the best way possible.  Amin communicates on a regular basis with our international suppliers to make sure we are always providing the latest and most innovative products into the local market.  He also holds the following qualifications:

-          Diploma of Accounting

-          Certificate IV in Business

-          Certificate III in Automotive manufacturing (Bus/Truck/Trailer)

Amin is passionate about helping those around him in the safest and affordable way possible. He works closely with Transpot and NSW Transport to ensure that our company is always at the forefront of safety and helping others to be able to achieve the same goals in providing independence to all road users no matter what their method of transport may be.

He loves his Family, Travelling, Music, Writing and Outdoor activities such as camping and boating.


Holly Akbarian

Operations Manager

Holly is a University Qualified Educator. She is focused on resolving challenges with innovative solutions, systems and process improvements proven to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.  She manages all staff and operations within our organisation and is a super on-the-fly problem solver. Holly is passionate about staff development and communicating with people from all walks of life and hearing their stories.

Holly enjoys fun times with friends and family, dancing and being creative!


Chen Liu

Senior Engineering Consultant

Chen is a University qualified Mechanical Engineer and holds a Cert 4 in Training and Assessment.  He is the resident company trainer and manages all of our Training and Development Programs, he is one of the senior advisors and auditors to our network of child and mobility installers. 

Chen is passionate about helping people, vehicles and technology gadgets. 


Hossein Azad

Senior Workshop Technician

Hossein is a licensed Body Maker and is our resident problem solver.  Often referred to as 'Hossein the Hero', we are yet to find a challenge he can’t meet, when everyone else says it can’t be done, Hossein gets it done, there are hundreds of people who have regained their independence thanks to Hossein’s problem solving prowess.  Hossein is passionate about helping people and vehicle electronics.

Hossein enjoys Hunting, Archery and pulling beers for his mates at his family Country Pub!

Mobility Engineering is a conglomerate of automotive engineering based business units that strive to be the experts and leaders in their fields.

Our people are passionate about what we do and how we contribute to this planet.  We live, breathe and eat the following values on a daily basis.  They are important to us and our people both in business and in our personal lives.


One of our most important values.  We value the safety of our people, our customers and our suppliers.  Everything that we do will always be completed in a safe manner, our products and services will always be the safest.

Loyalty and commitment

When we make a promise, we will remain committed to deliver on that promise.  We are loyal to our customers, suppliers and employees and will see it all the way through, no matter how hard it gets.

Freedom and Independence

We value the ability to be mobile and independent.  We will respect your desires and your needs, you can trust that we will do our best to get you mobile the way you want, no matter how 'wild' your ideas may be, we will be innovative and resourceful and find a way to solve your problem, never say never!!


We value your time and our time, we will always listen intently and give you our full attention, making sure our time spent together is not wasted and most of all its enjoyable!!

We will always aim to accomplish all tasks within in our promised timeframes.

Engineered for life

We value our community, friends, family and life.  When you deal with us, we are friends for life.  We strive to ensure everything we do will stand the test of time, whether it be a product or service, you can be assured that it will go the distance!

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