Behavioural and security harnesses

Mobility Engineering offers a wide range of Behavioural, Postural and Security Harnesses to suit your needs.

These harnesses are quick to install as well as, having the ability to easily move them from vehicle to vehicle. They are also designed for personal, business and organisational use, and are able to be used with wheelchairs, car seats, buses and even airplanes!

It is a requirement to keep a current Doctors Certificate in your vehicle when disability harnesses are in use.

Navigate through the list below to find out more about the harnesses we have available, you can also download brochures under the information on each harness.

If you have any questions, or require further information please do not hesitate to contact Mobility Engineering and speak with one of our friendly staff members.

carfix 5point harnessThe Carfix 5 Point Seat Harness is a Behavioural and Postural support harness for those with limited upper body strength and support.

This harness uses a front buckle with easy adjustable shoulder, lap and crotch straps to help evenly distribute the load of the occupan,t and makes the harness easy to use.

It is to be used in accordance with the vehicle’s original seat and seatbelt, meaning it can be installed into a variety of vehicles without any modifications and is also easily transferable.

carfix unisafety ET magnetic harnessThe Carfix Unisafety Easy Travel Magnet Harness,  is a Behavioural and Security Support harness which is to be used in conjunction with the vehicle’s original seat and seatbelt to buckle up the user during transport, without the user being able to unlock the harness.

This harness uses a set of magnetic locks to keep the vest on the individual and can only be unlocked using a magnetic key (or a conventional magnet).

The harness is fitted to the passenger before boarding the car or bus, meaning that it can be installed into vehicles without modifications or engineering and be easily transferred into a variety of vehicles.

This harness is ideal for businesses, organisations or private use.

carfix bus harnessThe Carfix Bus Seat Harness is a Behavioural, Security support and Restraint harness, which is to be used in conjunction with the vehicle’s original seat and seatbelt and is designed for those travelling on busses or coaches.

This harness is perfect for those on the move as it takes only minutes to install and is able to be fitted into any suitable car or bus seat without needing vehicle modifications or engineering.

This harness is ideal for organisations or private use.

careva buckle cover

A Carfix buckle cover is used to prevent an individual from undoing the side buckles on a Careva Harness or the chair strap buckle on a Carfix Harness. Once the buckle cover has been put in place, the buckle is not able to be undone unless a key (or similar object) is fitted into the slot on the side and the red release button is pushed. Our Careva buckle covers are sold with a seatbelt cutter for emergencies so that the occupant can be easily accessed. It is a requirement to keep a current doctors certificate in your vehicle when the Careva buckle cover is in use. 

careva buckle cover 2

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