Left Foot Accelerators

The left foot accelerator was developed for those who do not have use or full function of their right leg as an alternative choice to hand controls. For those who want to remain independent this is the ideal self-drive solution for you!

Mobility Engineering supplies the Left Foot Accelerator in a ‘quick release’ or a ‘flip up’ design. We also offer different options, to suit the unique needs of each of our customers. We offer an actual modification to the car, where the accelerator is moved to the left-hand side and we also offer an option that does not modify the car and is readily transferable between different vehicles. For drivers that can no longer use their right foot, these modifications allow you to keep driving normally just as before. This allows you to regain your independence without making a big change to your lifestyle. Continue reading below for more information on our available solutions.


LFA FLIPThe flip up system is a discreet conversion where the original and the left foot accelerator pedals are equipped with a hinge allowing for them to be folded away safely when they are not in use. To utilise a pedal, you gently push it into place while you flip the unused pedal upwards.

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The Menox Quick Release Left foot Accelerator is a universal product that can be fitted to most vehicles and interchanged easily between vehicles.  It has a stringed pin allowing the product to be quickly released and taken out of the vehicle, this provides more comfort for those using the vehicle’s factory driving controls. This product can be installed into your vehicle within a couple of hours while you wait!


Download the brochure here.


The electronic left foot accelerator pedal can be installed into cars which are automatic with an electronic accelerator pedal. At the time of installation a LED pushbutton is placed on the dashboard, each time the vehicle is started the driver will be able to choose between the factory accelerator and the left foot accelerator. The LED pushbutton will flash for 10 seconds at start up, all the driver needs to do is push the button within those 10 seconds, the button will then turn green and the left foot accelerator will be activated. When the left foot accelerator is not in use it can be easily removed by unscrewing the wing bolt that fixes it to the support. 

Download the brochure here.


The quick release accelerator pedal can be installed in cars which are both automatic and manual transmission. A small pedal guard sits in front of the factory pedal to ensure the user avoids inadvertent acceleration while using this product. The system quickly anchorages to the floor making it easy to remove when it is not in use.

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